There are two sides to the TRAI SMS Spam story – the relief we don’t (and I don’t) get SMS spam any more, but it has also hit legitimate businesses hard – many SMS dependent services are no longer available because of the regulations. We were asked to cover the ‘other side’ as well, so help us create a list of not-spam services that no longer work for DND customers. If your service is impacted, and you want to list it here, leave a comment or email us from your official address to

Here’s a list of services that have been hit.

1. DoctorsBooking SMS confirmations – via Facebook note
2. TextMe SMS Widgetvia tweet
3. SMS Gupshup – Traffic Police alerts (via The Indian Express), Blood Donation Camps, Announcements of World Tobacco Day, Earth Hour, World Kidney Day, Tax filing dates, Central Railways announcements, Polio Camp alerts by Ministry of Health and more
4. Way2SMS person to person messages (to DND  customers), no messages between 9PM and 9AM – Blog post
5. 160by2 person to person messages (to DND  customers), no messages between 9PM and 9AM – Blog post
6. CRM & Billing systems – via ZNISMS Blog
7. Automated machine failure, server alerts – via ZNISMS Blog

Partial Impact: (category to which DND customers must subscribe to still get messages)

– Category 1 (Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards):
– Category 2 (Real Estate):
– Category 3 (Education):
– Category 4 (Health):
– Category 5 (Consumer goods and automobiles):,
– Category 6 (Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT):
– Category 7 (Tourism and Leisure): Radio taxis


– Requires users to allow each receipt of a directory listing on the phone, though a verification code.

The TRAI needs to expand the categories, or maybe modify the policy to a more sensible approach – allow customers to subscribe to services from specific registered telemarketers, instead of a category based all-or-nothing approach.