Net 4 India, a web domain and hosting provider has partnered with Finland based Smartphone Solutions, to launch SmartMail, an operator independent push mail service in India. According to a press statement from the company, the service supports more than 200 mobile devices across different platforms, including Symbian, UIQ, Windows Mobile and Android. Targeting the enterprise segment, SmartMail will offer real-time access to emails, calendars, contacts and tasks on a mobile device and supports Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers.

The SmartMail service claims to offer encryption for data traffic and for mails stored in the device, and a remote device wipe option. However, Net4 claims that SmartMail complies with the security norms laid down by the government of India. Previously, the company’s Mail service was supported only on BlackBerry devices.

The Indian government and RIM, BlackBerry’s parent company have been at loggerheads on the former’s insistence of getting access to encrypted enterprise mail, although RIM had developed a solution for the government to intercept its messenger and consumer mail services. Some media reports had also indicated that Nokia’s own push-mail service was haulted by the government for some time for not providing acces to its servers.

After the stalemate, a lot of other companies have come up with push mail solutions, offering compliance with the government’s interception norms, as a USP. One of them was BharatBerry. State owned teco MTNL, had also collaborated with BharatBerry  to provide its push mail and Personal Information Management services (calendar and contacts sync) to its mobile phone subscribers in Delhi-NCR, earlier this year.

Companies like Micromax have also launched a consumer push mail service by the name of  EzMail, in collaboration with e-mail device maker Peek, which is being bundled with its 3G and WiFi enabled phone Q80. Rediff had also launched Rediffmail NG, a paid push mail service launched in collaboration with MTNL, which primarily targets small business and  young entrepreneurs.