D-Link has announced the launch of  Boxee Box device in the Indian market. The device is an internet enabled media player that allows users to watch popular TV shows and movies, by connecting to a high-definition(HD) TV. The device is based on the Linux operating system and supports HD videos upto 1080p resolution and comes with a QWERTY keypad remote control. According to a press statement from the company the device will provide access to more than just traditional TV content, including a library that spans the Internet, such as university courses, panel discussions, academic lectures, presentations, web-only videos and more from TED, Stanford, FORA.tv, Kid Mango, Next New Networks and others. It will also offer music streaming from Pandora, last.fm, shoutcast and access to photo sharing services Flickr, Facebook and Picasa.

The service supports integration with social networking sites Facebook andTwitter, enabling users to watch video content recommended by their connected friends. The Boxee Box can also stream content from the user’s other computers or connected drives, on the same wireless internet network. The device has been priced at Rs 13,999 and comes with a one year warrantee.

Access To US Content Services?

In the US, the Boxee Box features applications for internet based services like Netflix, Vudu and YouTube, in addition to live sports streaming services such as MLB.tv and NHL Game center. It also intends to bring in Hulu Plus for access to TV shows. The press statement does not mention these services, although it does mention Pandora, which is region locked and not available in India. Most likely, services like Netflix and Hulu will not be available, due to licensing restrictions, so users who wish to keep up with the latest season of American tv shows, will not find any use in the device.

Indian Content?

The company has also not talked about any specific content tie-ups to bring-in Indian content. While YouTube hasrecordings of Indian TV shows and videos, we’re not sure why anyone would pay close to Rs 14,000 for the media player, especially, when one can download the Boxee software on any computer and watch the same content.