As of March 2011, India had a total of  11,886,925 broadband connections, up 7.51% quarter on quarter, adding 892,678 connections during the quarter. The largest growth was registered by the telecom circles of Maharashtra & Goa (348,123), and Andhra Pradesh (248,790). Maharashtra had the maximum number of connections with 22,11,180 followed by Tamil Nadu with 15,35,150 connections. The top 5 service areas: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh account for nearly 61.03% of the total connections.

Some Observations:

– North East had the least number of connections with 39,203.
– Jammu and Kashmir saw a growth of 56.53% from December 2010 figures of 48,141. It had a total of 75,358 connections in March 2o11.
– The number of connections in Madhya Pradesh came down by 17.54% – the maximum across all the service areas. As on March 2011, it had 3,59,949 connections.
– Delhi had a connection base of 11,40,306 growing by 15.51% from December 2010.

Data Source: India’s Department of Telecom, via RTI

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