The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) launched the Hindi version of the UIDAI web portal, on Hindi Diwas, which the authority claims is a complete translation of the English portal. According to RS Sharma, Director General & Mission Director, UIDAI, the website will offer updated information in real time and no compromises will be made in terms of the quality of information, and that both, Hindi and English websites, would be in sync with each other.

A few things of note:

– No unique domain: The Hindi version of the Portal can be accessed by clicking a link on the English version, however we wonder why the UIDAI could not get a specific domain name for the portal, instead of an IP address URL, making it tough to remember for direct access.

– Not all pages translated: Also, some pages have not been completely updated. For example, the Hindi version of ‘How to Enroll?’ – आधार कैसे प्राप्त करें?, does not list the documents required, neither does it offer links to lists of enrollment centres. The ‘check your Aadhaar Enrollment status’ page has also not been translated.

– Documentation still in English: The UIDAI related documents, specifications and other information in .pdf format, has also not been translated. Although a large amount of information has been translated to Hindi, extending information related to the intricacies of the Aadhaar ecosystem to a wider base, we believe that documents and specification related to UID should also be translated.

As with Twitter Hindi, these steps are not unwelcome, but by no means are they complete.