India Today hasn’t always been the best designed website, but it was never an eyesore. We were just tipped off that the site has been redesigned, and it looks like such an awful mess that it even makes the of two years ago look good. The word khichdi comes to mind. Maybe they should hire a designer (or let the designer do his job).

I know that Indian media websites aren’t always the best designed, and publishers are stretched to monetize their content online in this market, but this is terrible. Aroon Purie doesn’t want to spend dollars to chase cents, but spare a thought for the reader sometimes.

With a design like this, you’ll just turn readers off. That might mean lower pageviews, and if you’re selling on CPM, it means lower revenues. A little more white space to make the reader feel comfortable, and notice some of your content won’t hurt you.

I was planning to write about the interesting use of categories and subcategories, to aid in discovery of content, but with all that is happening on every page, it’s unlikely anyone will notice that.