CyberMedia, a specialty media company which owns online properties including PCQuestDQIndiaVoice&DataCIOLDQChannelsDQWeek, has reported a net profit of Rs 17.30 lakh for the quarter ending 30th June 2011 (FY12), compared with the Rs 63.3 lakh profit it had reported last year for the corresponding quarter. The company has announced its plans to revamp their legacy websites and has inked a deal with Kreatio (from Srishti Software company) to develop features for web, smart phones, tablets and digital devices. Do read our suggestions for Cybermedia here.


Cybermedia’s net sales plummeted to Rs 18.06 crore in comparison with Rs 21.29 crore in Q1 FY-11. Expenditure of the company is as follows:

–  Cost of sales/operations/raw materials went down to Rs 7.44 crore from Rs 9.34 crore in the same quarter last year .
– Employee cost went down to Rs 5.83 crore for the current quarter in contrast with last year’s figures of  Rs 7.26 crore in the same quarter .

Cybermedia’s expenses reduced 21.36% to Rs 17.15 crore from Rs 21.81 crore. On a standalone basis, the company has reported a revenue of Rs 10.41 crore for the current quarter. The company has neither disclosed any operational details nor it has provided any segment wise information for the quarter ended June 2011. Also note that earlier this January, Cybermedia and IDC had separated, and Cybermedia Research was set up in March 2011.

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