According to a recent report released by internet content delivery network, Akamai, the penetration of internet and broadband adoption in India has witnessed a sharp increase. There has been an increase in the number of unique IP addresses in Q1 primarily due to the burgeoning number of mobile internet users. There has been an increment in the  number of narrow band connections (2G and dial ups) as well. Currently India ranks 17th in terms of unique IP addresses, 7th in terms of attack traffic origination and 109 in terms of connectivity speed. The average connection speed increased by 0.7% to 0.8 mbps whereas global average connection speed is 2.1 Mbps which has grew by 23 % Year on Year.

Connection Speed :

The average connection speed in India is 0.8 mbps, one of the slowest. Other countries such as USA and  China have an average connection speed of 5.3 mbps and 1 mbps respectively. Broadband accounts for 4.9% of the total connections whereas narrowband speeds have a share of 35%. South Korea ranks no.1 with 60 % of its connections above 5 mbps. Peak connection speed in India is 5.2 mbps.

Attack Traffic :

India accounts for 3.8 % of the global attacking traffic as compared to last year’s figures of 2.1 %. USA ranks 2nd with 10 % of the global attacking traffic while Taiwan is at 3rd place with 9.1 % of the total traffic.

Some Points :

– Looking at attack traffic from mobile networks, Italy holds the 1st position at 25%.
– Laptops leads the pack in terms of  the monthly traffic volume in 3G mobile networks per subscriber followed by tablets and smartphones.
– Online video is the most used application in mobile broadband across various device types.

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