Over 210 people turned up for our MediaNama “Turning 3” Mixer. By 8:30pm, we already had a full house, and we finished up rather late, at 11:30pm. For those of you who came, we hope you had a good time, and those of you who couldn’t make it (we had close to 300 registrations), we hope to see you at the next one. There’s a demand for a Mixer in Bangalore. In case anyone is interested in helping us out there, please contact sarita@medianama.com.

The photos on our Facebook Page: here, and on Picasa: here. These are just the photos from my camera, and we’re waiting for many more from Harn33t. Please do tag your photos from the Mixer on Facebook with ‘MediaNama3’.

Two particularly interesting comments on Twitter, post the mixer:

– Praval Singh said that the “most interesting thing about mixer was that no one talked about social media, finally!”. To be honest – that wasn’t intentional, but I’m glad that we hosted something that went beyond the usual discussions.
– Karan Bhujbal said that “learning from #medianama #mixer – for spurring conversations, sometimes its a gr8 agenda to hav no agenda!”

Across the board, we found people were relaxed, and still discussing business. Like Karan mentioned, the agenda was to have no agenda, and for you to bring your own. Some said that they felt there was a lot positive energy in the room, and not the usual cynicism of conferences. I did notice that this was a vastly different set of people from those who had attended our launch event, and even the ContentSutra mixer three and a half years ago. There were a few requests for an impromptu fireside chat, and I was tempted, but held back. Do give us feedback on how we can improve the mixers.

We’d also like to thank our two sponsors for their great support: One97 Communications for their great support (and all the give-aways that many of you took home), and SnapDeal (and Vijay Shekhar Sharma) for asking me to do a quiz; (which, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would like doing, but I really enjoyed it), and the great gifts. Thanks for your support.

Probably the most heartening bit: before leaving, lots of attendees left behind their badges, saying that we should recycle them, cause they’ll be back for the next MediaNama Mixer. Thanks for coming!

We’re in the process of (finally, finally, finally) putting together a conference, probably in early October. If you’re organizing a conference, and there’s a clash of dates, please do let us know so we can ensure there isn’t a clash. We’ll put out a call for speakers soon.

Thank you for all your support, and many thanks to Sarita, Saurabh, Rakesh and Saptarishi for all the work that went into organizing this.

P.s.: I’m away till the 18th of July, so please contact Anupam Saxena (anupam@medianama.com) for editorial, and Sarita Pacheco (sarita@medianama.com) for anything else. Sponsorship queries, as always, to Saurabh@centrumedia.com