IIT Delhi will implement a new rule with the commencement of the new session which will restrict internet access in college hostels between midnight and 6 am, reports The Indian Express. According to the report, the reason given to the students for the ban was that excessive internet surfing affects academics, and students do not report to their respective classes on time, since they watch movies or play games over the internet till the wee hours.

Sounds like a ridiculous ban: students manage to take some time out from classroom teaching and other lab work, only during night time, and this might be the only time that they devote in catching up with the outside world, and interacting with their loved ones.

Students also research online for their academic pursuits, and imposing such a rule will be restrictive. Surely, as adults, when to access the web should be the students’ decision, not that of the college. The other thing that you need to ask – should academics be given priority, or learning?

This is an archaic dictum, especially since there are workarounds: most mobile phones are data enabled and a student who wants to access the web can do so on the mobile. The college is only making it a little expensive for the students.