Mumbai based software consulting and training start-up, Mind Storm Software has introduced an SMS based reminder service by the name of HelloVaccine, that reminds parents about the vaccination dates for their children. Parents can create an account for their children by entering the child’s date of birth, following which the service sends SMS reminders for all the dates in the future when standard vaccinations are due. The service follows the immunization schedule recommended by the Government of India, from six weeks of birth till the child completes five years. The service sends three reminders for each vaccine: the first one is sent three days prior to the due date, another one on the due date and a third one three days after the due date to double check.

Presently, the service is available only to organizations, which can then extend it to their employees. However, it intends to sign up individuals once it gets good traction with organizations. Hello Vaccine is also available to NGOs who wish to do a controlled pilot the program in a particular area.


The service is available tiered pricing for organizations. Each account comes with a lifetime validity, providing 5 years of immunization reminders. Parents signing up for the service can also update their mobile number through a web based interface, in case of a change.

– 10 accounts – Rs 2,000 – Effective price – Rs 200 per account

– 25 accounts – Rs 4,000; Effective price – Rs 160 per account

– 50 accounts – Rs 7,500; Effective pricing – Rs 150 per account

Our Take

We think that idea behind the service is to essentially involve corporate houses, and become a part of their employee welfare strategy. Since organizations, specially the ones with a younger work force are more likely to spend on the service, compared to young individuals, and that too with the assurance of volumes, the positioning will relatively help in monetization.

Perhaps Hello Vaccine could also tie-up with a service like Jasper’s BabyBox, which distributes free “baby boxes” to parents of new borns with product samples of baby products and gift & discount coupons from advertisers in return of their personal details. There is a whole eco-system centred around baby care in the West, and some of it is now making inroads into India. So, there is a lot of potential in the segment.

But we wonder what’s stopping the Government to start a similar service, when it already sends SMS reminders for its Pulse Polio immunization campaign. It can involve state owned as well as private telcos, which can perhaps contribute to it, as part of a CSR initiative.