Google has launched 5 new indic languages : Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu for Google Translate. The languages are still in their experimental stages.  With this, Google Translate now supports 7 indian languages. The company has launched 11 alpha languages since 2009 and currently supports 63 languages.

According to GoogleBlog, the company has enabled a transliterated input method for users without Indian language keyboards. Since the languages are still in there experimental stages, the translations are expected to be less accurate as compared to other languages such as Portuguese, Italian and others. The primary reason for the inaccuracy is the complex structure of Indian languages where Subject Object Verb  (SOV) is used whereas traditional English uses Subject Verb Object (SVO) order, resulting in reordering of multiple words and thereby increasing the chances of a mistranslation. It states that users are required to download the fonts for the newly included languages in order to use them as they are based on unique scripts.

While using Google Chrome, we were unable to translate English to Bengali while other languages were being translated ( Although we do not know where there are any mistranslations).  But Bengali seems to be working with Mozilla FireFox. We have tried using basic phrases and words, and results were fine.

Google had previously launched Hindi language support on Google Docs along with YouTube Hindi. Neither of them support transliteration (Docs supports translation), although YouTube offers a virtual Hindi language keyboard.

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