Geodesic, the digital messaging and content solutions company, which has developed popular apps like Mundu TV, Mundu Radio, Mundu IM and Spokn, has launched its first gaming app for the iPad, Carrom MP. Although the ‘MP’ in the name stands for multi-player, the game does not offer network based multi player support. It simply means that the game can be played by more than one player at the same location, and the iPad acts like a virtual Carrom board. The game can be downloaded free of charge from Apple’s App Store. It’s difficult to ascertain if Carrom originated in India, however, the game enjoys a cult following.

– Carrom MP features subtle graphics, which are easy on the eye, while being detailed enough. It features three different modes: a Solo mode where players can just practice moves, a One-on-One mode, where two players can play head-on and a Doubles mode in which teams of two can play against each other. Players can enter their names and even choose their own Striker designs.

– While it is loyal to the set of rules that govern game play in a game of Carrom, it makes it interesting, intuitive and a little easier to play, by using a sort of projectile motion technique, which works in way similar to the popular game Angry Birds.

– A player can simply control the motion of the Carrom striker using his finger. He can virtually pull and strike it, pointing it towards the desired direction. The length of the pull can be used to vary the intensity of the strike. The game even gives out the trail of the motion of the striker, before the player fires it, by simply releasing his finger. It also allows players to save Game Points.

Carrom MP, without doubt makes for a good casual gaming experience, more so because of its involving game play. We’d love to see a networked multi-player version of the game, with Game Center integration in the next update.

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