A little less than a month from now, on the 27th of June 2011, MediaNama will turn three; after a quiet first year, the two that have followed have been fairly eventful – lots of good times (appreciation keeps us going), and some really tough months (business-wise, not content-wise) with hard soul searching. But one thing holds true – we wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for you, our readers, and the innumerable people who encouraged us, appreciated and critiqued our work – many have offered a patient ear, advice and support, through these years. We wouldn’t be around today if it wasn’t for you. So, as we turn three, do tell us what you think we should do over the next month or so, and especially in Year three.

A few suggestions that we’ve received:

– A Party. Status: is being planned for 24th June 2011. In case you want to sponsor, please contact sales@medianama.com
– A workshop on Digital Journalism, to help more journalists understand the medium. Status: If someone has a space that we can use, we’d be glad to organize this.
– A technical Q&A property. Status: We need to understand this better.
– Industry written articles: contributions from the industry on the road ahead for this industry. Status: Guidelines are being prepared.
– Ask readers to chart out the future of MediaNama. Status: send us an email at nikhil@medianama.com

So, over to you – do tell us what you think should be the future of MediaNama, and what all should we do in the coming month?