BVJS Communications, a new US based entity has launched Malayalam IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) which will distribute Malayalam language television channels in US and Canada, over the Internet, reports The Hindu. On its website Malayalam IPTV lists 9f TV channels – Jaihind TV, Surya TV, Yes Indiavision, Indiavision, Shalom Vision, Powervision, Malayalam Television USA, Jeevan TV and ICCN USA. It’s pricing page, however, mentions 11 channels. The Hindu report suggests that Malayalam IPTV intends to extend its services to Europe, Australia, Germany and other parts of the world. Given that the Gulf region is a key market for Malayalam content, given a expatriate population, we wonder why the service has not been launched there.

Nikhil adds: What’s interesting about this service is that it is being delivered via a Roku box, with a contract and upfront payment subscription plans. The box can cost up to $99.99. Now several attempts have been made in the past to provide Indian content for online streaming, but it frankly doesn’t quite compare to streaming on television or devices. We’ve seen companies start and fail – read about JumpTV moving away from regional content, and our report on Tinselvision.

With the advent of ‘Web TVs’ and devices that stream web content to TV, will we see a fresh crop of content aggregation ventures trying to ride this fund-raising wave again? Been a while since that ‘Hulu for Indians’ pitch was made?

This still isn’t possible in India because the regular broadband speeds are terrible and unreliable, and any way, the regulator will probably jump in to regulate the content.

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