April 2011 was a relatively quieter month for Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which manages the online rail ticketing for the Indian Railways, and is probably the largest e-commerce player in the Indian market. It 10.5 Million transactions, down 8.55% month on month, but on a positive note, the number of unsuccessful transactions went down by 14.92% to 2.44 million. Around 76.78% of total transactions on the service were successful.

Also worth noting is that cash card payment systems accounted for around 12.08% of total transactions, and continued to show an above-average transaction rate of 89.99%. Our analysis of the IRCTC’s payment gateway performance, based on information provided by IRCTC on its website:

Payment Gateway specific information:

– SBI Debit Card: Accounted for 11.68% of total transactions, 10.94% of total successful transactions

– ICICI Payment Gateway: Accounted for 9.94% of total transactions, and 10.33% of total successful transactions

Citibank: 5.20% of total transactions, 4.58% of total successful transactions, and a 67.51% success rate.

HDFC: 6.83% of total transactions, 6.43% of total successful transactions, and a 72.27% success rate.

– Itz Cash Card: 6.68% of total transactions, 8.00% of total successful transactions, and a 91.97% success rate.
– I Cash Card: 2.75% of total transactions, 3.20% of total successful transactions, and a 89.48% success rate.
– Oxicash: 0.18% of total transactions, 0.17% of total successful transactions, and a 73.41% success rate.


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