Infomedia18 has relaunched, its old Yellow Pages business directory, in a lead generation format – the website will allow potential buyers to contact suppliers of Infomedia Yellow Pages, apart from two other features – ‘Call For Free’, essentially a click to call feature connecting the buyer with the seller, and ‘Send Contact Details to Phone’, allowing vendor contact details to be sent to potential buyers. All of these are standard classifieds or directory website features, but the switch to a lead generation model online is significant – it allows the company to earn additional revenue from its print vendors, and from a vendor perspective, he needs to only pay for leads.

But why two generic directory listing services – doesn’t Infomedia already have Lets not forget that is also a directory service. Niyaz Ahmed, Head of Online Marketing at Infomedia18 informs us that is primarily a business-to-business service, and will compete with the likes of,,, and is essentially an online accompaniment to Infomedia’s offline Yellow Pages. In comparison, Ahmed writes, is primarily a voice based business – like JustDial, CallEzee etc – and will have a business-to-consumer focus. It will be launched in multiple cities.

Also, note that this particular announcement of the relaunch came to us via Infomedia18, not Network18*. As per a previous announcement, Infomedia18’s web properties were supposed to have been transferred to Network18, as a part of the restructuring of the group. Infomedia18 COO Sunil Thomas, declined to comment on the status of the Network18 restructuring.

The Website

From a users perspective, what’s noticeable about is its interface – neat and businesslike, it really does resemble a directory listing. Almost like a In addition, it mentions how long a vendor has been in, perhaps as an indication of credibility of the vendor. While this may be a means of to encourage vendors to renew accounts, it really doesn’t help the customer – there are no vendor reviews, ratings or any feedback from customers.

From a usability perspective, there are two big concerns: there needs to be a back link on the business page to the searched listings page. One cannot expect the user to key in details multiple times and go through the same search drill again and again. The slider banner on the homepage also scrolls a little to fast for it to be possible to read all the content on the slide.

The Network18 Group operates sites like,,,,,, and, apart from the above mentioned properties.

Disclosure: Network18 is an advertiser with MediaNama