Hungama Digital Media Entertainment has partnered with music player application company TuneWiki to release a co-branded Java app, that allows users to play music stored in their mobile phones and automatically get lyrics and translations for it in a karaoke styled manner. In addition to this, they can get lyrics for the Top 50 most played songs, search for song lyrics, and share song plays on social network through blip. The application is currently available through the GetJar app store. The integration with Hungama, brings a ‘Get More Music’ web link to the app, which opens Hungama’s music store in a browser window. The app is free to download, however, it is based on a subscription model costing Rs 5 per day, Rs 10 per week or Rs 30 for a month. We have no clue how Hungama is going to add any additional features. It might be possible that they have created their own database of lyrics for hindi songs purchased through their store.

TuneWiki has been present on nearly all smartphone platforms including iOS, Android and Symbian, with free apps that serve the same functionality. The other apps even let users access and get lyrics for internet radio and captions for music videos. Also, TuneWiki owns a legally licensed lyrics database and uses a community wiki features to aggregate lyrics and translations. So essentially what TuneWiki does is match the name of the song with its lyrics database and downloads them on the user’s device.

Our Experience; Would You Pay For It?

On its first launch the app sends SMS(s) to the shortcode 54646 to register the device but does not provide any information on subscription costs. We were able to register after 2 failed attempts and a deduction of Rs.9 from the credit balance.

At the time of writing this post, we were not able to get lyrics for many popular Hindi and Tamil songs, through the application. However, the app worked fine for English songs. Also, compared to the iPhone app (which is a free download), functionality is crippled, with no option to access internet radio. So, would you pay  Rs 30 per month, for this app?