I spent 2 hours 3 minutes and 22 seconds on a customer care call with Airtel yesterday, most of it on hold. Someone even checked, and the Guiness Book of World Records told us that they don’t have a record for such category. I could have hung up any time, but wanted to see how long I’d be put on hold; it’s a second number, and prepaid at that; so I just left the speaker on and let it ring on and on.

Airtel did call on my primary number and offer to address the issue, but I wanted to see how long I was kept on hold. I’ve never faced this as a post-paid customer – in fact, my experience with Airtel’s post-paid customercare is such that I’ve recommended them just on that basis; the connectivity used to be good too. I wonder now if there’s a separate set of norms for prepaid and postpaid. Surprisingly enough, though, the call didn’t drop. But is this the case with other operators as well? Do tell. Maybe it’s just unfortunate for Airtel that I’m an Airtel customer, and am writing about it here.

In any case, customer service and network coverage are differentiators, and we have for you visualization of data related to customer care and network coverage, based on TRAI’s report for the Quarter that ended on 31st December 2010.

Check how your telecom service provider performs:

Network quality parameters (the call drop and network congestion levels are rather high)
Customer service parameters (calls may be answered in time, but what about resolution?)