Tata Docomo has added a dash of ‘social’ to its caller ring back tune service, Call Me Tunes. It has introduced a Facebook application dubbed as Songshare that is essentially a control center for the service, enabling search, recommendation and activation of ring back tones, from within Facebook.

The application lets Tata Docomo subscribers share songs that they have set as their ring back tune with their friends through status updates and wall posts on their Facebook page. Their friends (who need to be Tata Docomo subscribers) can then copy the song and set it as their own ring back tone. Subscribers can also recommend a song from the available songs list to friends group or fans or just set it as their own ring back tone. They can also specify whether they want to set it for all callers or for a specific caller using the Facebook application. New users can also subscribe to the service using the application and search and set tunes.

To subscribe to the application, the customer has to log on to TATA DOCOMO Songshare application on Facebook and share his mobile number for authentication purpose. The application then sends a code, that needs to be entered by the user in order to link his number to the application.

Tata Docomo’s social media enablers have certainly not paid heed to the discovery part. We were not able to locate the Songshare application on Facebook. There was no direct link in the press release or in the Call Me Tunes page on the operator’s website. How are users expected to use the service until they find it. We have requested Tata Docomo to share the link for the application with us.

What is needed

– Interoperability: Why can’t the song sharing and recommendation part can’t be made standard across all operators and not just restricted to one operator.
– We don’t know about song search and discovery on this particular application but generally we find that it searching for songs is incredibly difficult. Why can’t we have a common centralized music discovery tool across telecom operators, across platforms. Maybe the music industry can do something about it, or perhaps PPL and Hungama independent, most of the music is being provided by these two.

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