Update: There was a typo in the headline. The impressions grew 1.5 billion between October 2010 & January 2011. We have made corrections for the same.

Independent mobile ad-network InMobi, in its January 2011 Mobile Insights Report, found that it’s market in India grew by 1.5 billion ad impressions (27%) between October 2010 and January 2011.  The report covers mobile display ads on WAP and mobile apps, and excludes SMS ads, but more importantly, is representative only of InMobi’s ad network. Remember that India is a key market for AdMob as well, and their experience could be different from InMobi’s. Admob stopped publishing its reports last year.

InMobi’s findings from the India Region:

– Smartphone impressions registered a growth of 44% representing over 1 billion monthly impressions in the region. Feature phones registered a growth of 24% and still dominate with 6.3 billion impressions in a month.

– Apps are not that widespread and just account for 0.5% of all impressions, which means advertisers can rely more on WAP.

– The report also segmented impressions on the basis of Phone OS and found that Nokia’s proprietary OS dominates with a 34.5% share, followed by Symbian at 24.8%, Android at 0.7%, and iPhone and BlackBerry at 0.3% each. Other platforms’ combined marketshare is 39.5%. Nokia and Symbian are the preferred platforms when it comes to the Indian market, and other Smartphone OSs  have very little presence.

– Impressions on the basis of handset manufacturer are also discussed. Again, Nokia leads with a 59.1% share and more than 4 billion impressions per month. Samsung comes second with 23.8% share followed by Sony Ericsson at 6.4%, LG at 3.7%, MicroMax at 1.2% and others at 5.7%. The handset that registered the maximum number of impressions was Nokia 3110c with a 5.4% share. Four out of top 5 handsets were from Nokia.

Things we noticed:

Nokia is losing share in the Asian region and in India. It saw a decline of 5.5% in the Indian market and in the Asian region. However, it is still the leading phone OS and handset manufacturer in terms of ad impressions.

Apple iPhone is the leading device in the Asian region in terms of ad impressions with a 10.6% share. It is still insignificant in the Indian market.

Android, iPhone and RIM now comprise 1.3% of the Indian market. These, collectively increased 0.8% since October 2010.

InMobi’s partner publishers and advertisers include Yahoo, Yamaha, Reebok, Nokia, Google, Gameloft, GetJar and Zedge, among others. It would intresting if InMobi could also reveal which are the sectors for which mobile is working well.

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