After recently shutting down its music search engine, Sequoia Capital and Sandstone Capital funded internet company has launched a mobile ads mediation and optimization platform, AdIQuity. The platform acts as a mediator between publishers and ad networks to effectively optimize and leverage advertising on mobile web. This is two years after it launched its own Ad network, which hasn’t exactly been warmly received on some forums. Guruji, which was begun as a “search engine for India”, evolved into a music search engine, and is now launching a mobile ad-optimisation tool. claims that the AdIQuity platform already generates 1.5 billion ad impressions in a month across its publishers targeting users from more than 200 countries in APAC, US, Europe and Africa regions. That’s the same number – 1.5 billion ad impressions – that it claims its ad network also generates.

How It Works

– Publishers sign up and integrate an ad code on their mobile web sites to get access to global ad inventory from various ad networks.

– AdIQuity, through its various algorithms serves ads on mobile web pages keeping in view factors like geography, category, devices, carrier information, ad type and pricing, among others, on a real time basis.

It says that it has tie-ups with various global mobile ad-networks and has inventory across all these regions. The majority of mobile web traffic comes from South Asia which has a 51% share, followed by Europe, Middle East, Africa and other regions. At the moment it only offers a solution for the mobile web, however, there are plans to launch SDKs for Android, iOS and other platforms for in-app advertising optimization.

According to the company, the AdIQuity platform can ensure fill rates of upto 90% to 95% for traffic coming from more than 200 countries, in addition to high CPM rates, to drive monetization for publishers.


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