Google has made BEST Bus routes and Mumbai Local train routes and schedule information available on Google maps for commuters in Mumbai, on both desktop and mobile versions. Last year, Google had announced the availability of Transit information for Delhi metro. Chennai MRTS and Pune bus services were also recently added. Mumbai will be the sixth transit city for which transit information has been made available, following Pune city bus service (PMPML), Chennai MRTS, Delhi Metro Rail, Kolkata Metro, and Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (bus) information.

Although, we had heard about Google working with the Delhi Transport Corporation for covering DTC bus routes, bus route information is still not available for Dehi, and for Kolkata and Chennai. Like we pointed out earlier, real time traffic information is also not available. In a city like Mumbai, where traffic jams are a common feature of the traffic scene, schedule information for buses will be of no use, till traffic information is implemented. Companies like MapMyIndia are already piloting traffic information on their Map services. We don’t know if Google is working closely with BEST for schedule info, but Train schedule information for Delhi Metro needs to be made more accurate.

No Navigation Love for India on Android

With India being a big market for Android based smart phones, we wonder what is stopping Google from enabling turn-by-turn voice guided navigation service for Android phones for Indian cities. Although, handset makers like Motorola bundle MapMyIndia’s navigation app with their smartphone, we would like to see Google’s native navigation app work.

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