Are mobile banking transactions taking place in India? There’s been very little information available since mobile banking guidelines were first introduced back in 2008, but now, via a Right To Information request we filed in March, we have some top level information on total number of transactions, and amount transacted, for 36 Indian banks. The interactive visualization is available here, and you can use the drop-down menus for trends on each bank.

In addition, below is a static for ICICI Bank, which is second in the pecking order, behind State Bank of India.

Please keep in mind that this data represents Credit and Debit Transactions using Mobile Banking, and the Reserve Bank of India defines ‘mobile banking’ as – “Undertaking banking transactions using mobile phones by bank customers that involve credit/debit to their accounts.” It also covers accessing the bank accounts by customers for non-monetary transactions like balance enquiry etc, so this data is clearly not as granular as we would want it to be.

We received some excellent suggestions via email and in the comments earlier this month, and are filing follow on requests for more details.

Some observations from the analysis:

– State Bank of India surpasses all banks by a significant margin, accounting for 529,318 transactions (74.81% of total) and Rs. 32.63 crore transacted (52.96% of total) in February 2011.
– In 2010, SBI posted a Y-o-Y growth of 1865% in transaction values, ICICI posted a growth of 532% and HDFC posted 512% growth. We expect this trend to stabilize by the end of FY 2011, because these transactions were on a low base
– As per the data provided to us, in the month of October 2009 Yes Bank’s mobile banking activity resulted in 11 transactions worth Rs. 54,33,000. Similarly, 246 transaction instances at State Bank of Mysore in November 2009 generated a value of Rs 4.99 crores. That’s a significant skew, which makes us question the authenticity of this data, and we cannot confirm its veracity.