While English dominates the Indian web, both in terms of availability of content and usage, one would have expected Hindi, or regional languages to dominate Government spending on print advertising. Much to our surprise, according to annual data published for 2009-10 by the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP), the official advertising agency of the Indian Government, English sees over 40% of the total Advertising Spend; English and Hindi together make up for 73% of the Total Advertising Spend. What’s also interesting, is that 96% of the ad spends are made in Daily publications. Hindi dominates weekly publications. Do take a look at Part 1 of our interactive visualization of DAVP print advertising spends, focusing on language spends.

Do use our DAVP Spends interactive visualization for drawing your own in inferences

English advertising spends:
– Times of India receives 24%
– 21% of the English ad spend goes to the Government’s in house weekly publication named Employment Weekly

Hindi advertising trends
– Hindi sees a generous spread of the ad spend with over 2363 publications receiving DAVP’s ad spend.
– The biggest ad spend gainer for Hindi is Dainik Jagran with 11% share of the ad spend.

Bengali ad spend analysis
– Anand Bazar Patrika gets a whopping 44% share of the ad spend in Bengali.
– Bartaman comes in next with 13% of the ad spend share

Marathi ad spend analysis
– Sakal and Lokmat see similar pattern receiving the advertising spend from DAVP at 18%

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