Broadband connections in India, over the last four years, have been are increasing at a declining rate: the compounded annual growth rate has gone down from 77.77 percent for 2007-2008 to 57.16 percent for 2009-2010. High connectivity areas like Delhi and Maharashtra are beginning to see a plateau of the subscriber numbers, and with aggressive modernization Andhra Pradesh, which lagged Delhi in 2007, has surpassed Delhi in 2010. Karnataka, interestingly, has fallen behind Tamil Nadu. More in our new chart on broadband connections in India, the data acquired through Right To Information filings.

We plan to file RTI requests quarterly for updates, though it would be better if the TRAI started releasing granular data by themselves.

Last month, alongwith our Right To Information filing with India’s Department of Information Technology for data on Internet website blocks in India, we filed requests for broadband subscriber information over the last four years, segmented by states. While we didn’t get the monthwise data we’d requested, or the data requested for the top 6 cities in India, we did get statewise broadband data on December 31st, for 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007. We’ve published the visual representation of this data, alongwith a representation of CAGR.

For statewise growth trends, please use our interactive chart at MediaNama Charts.

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