Infomedia18 owned restaurant guide Burrp has launched a rather spiffy  restaurant discovery tool called Burrp Express, which allows users to quickly discover new restaurants, based on their specifications. Restaurants are segmented according to locality, cuisine, price and whether they’re newly opened, award winners, Editor’s Picks or Most reviewed. On the face of it, Burrp Express looks rather slick – it requires just a few clicks in each category, and delivers restaurant recommendations to you. However, I’m not sure if it has it’s logic for delivering results entirely figured out. See the screenshot below:

I was searching for a restaurant that is in Delhi, around Civil Lines, moderately priced and newly opened. I live in Civil Lines, Delhi, and I know that it’s unlikely that any restaurant meets this criteria. Despite the breadcrumbs tag “DELHI >> CIVIL LINES >> MODERATE >> NEWLY OPENED”, the search delivers restaurants that are not even in Delhi. For example – MasterChef Kitchen is in Gurgaon. Logically, it’s tricky – sometimes users want a restaurant in a specific location, but aren’t picky about the cuisine, sometimes it’s the other way around. By trying to over-simplify Burrp Express ends up delivering unsatisfactory results.

Nevertheless, in terms of interface design, Burrp Express is excellent, and I’d love to see a smartphone application of this type – just tap on five boxes, and you’re done…it’s just that they need to figure their AND and OR’s out. I’d also like it if there was, in terms of location, a choice offered to users to select whether they want to select a restaurant that is in the specific neighborhood, or near it. This is what mapping and GIS companies are good at.

P.s.: Didn’t realize a Manchester United cafe has opened in Vasant Vihar. I must go there to watch ManUtd beat Arsenal on the 1st of May.