Well, not that we weren’t aware of this already, but Delhi’s Nehru Place has been listed as one of the top piracy markets globally, according to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, which has listed the top global online and physical markets for piracy, and recommended “further investigation for possible Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringements.” Nehru Place finds itself among other phyisical marketplaces like China Small Commodities Market (Yiwu, China), Ladies Market (Mongkok, Hong Kong), Luowu Market (Shenzhen, China), Red Zones like Panthip Plaza, Klong Thom, Saphan Lek and Baan Mor in Thailand, and Urdu Bazaars in Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan. The report says about Nehru Place:

“Nehru place is reportedly one of the many markets in major cities throughout India that are known for dealing in large volumes of pirated software, optical media and counterfeit goods.”

Well, we’re not sure of what the USTR relied on for making this list, but what they say about Nehru Place wouldn’t be too far from the truth. I’m surprised that Palika Bazaar isn’t in the list.

Online Sources: Deep Linking, Online Marketplaces & TV Piracy

We we found more interesting was the choice of online sources, specifically because it goes beyond downloads and torrents:
– Chinese search engine Baidu which has been highlighted for “deep linking“, a model which was replicated in India by Guruji.com
– Alibaba owned online marketplace Taobao.com (similar to eBay) is highlighted, though it “is making significant efforts to address the availability of infringing goods through its website”
– Also in the list is “Live sports telecast piracy”, a site called TV Ants

Apart from this, there are the usual: bittorrent indexing sites like ThePirateBay, IsoHunt, Btjunkie, Kickasstorrents, torrentz.com, and trackers like demonoid.com, openbittorrent.com, among others. Smartphone software site 91.com is “reportedly responsible for more than half of all downloaded applications in

Download the report here.

Would be interesting to see India publish such a list for piracy of Indian content: Songs.pk is likely to top, for sure, but it will be more interesting to see which online marketplaces, deep linking sites and sports stream piracy sites get identified.

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