Microsoft launched the latest iteration of its web browser Internet Explorer 9, yesterday. The update not only adds a whole lot of missing features, but also includes support for 34 languages to match the respective version of Windows (Vista and Window 7 only), in addition to 4 additional languages for which Microsoft provides some translation support through its Language Interface Packs(LIP). Hindi is also in the LIP list, which means users can download a version of Internet Explorer that has a Hindi interface. Here’s how you can install the browser:

– To install IE9 in Hindi, you need the Hindi LIP installed. Goto this site to download and install the version for your OS. You’ll need to reboot your PC after this.

– After this goto the Internet Explorer download page for other languages. Under the Additional Display Laguages, you’ll find Hindi. Select the Windows OS version you’re running from the dropdown box and the download will begin. You just need to install it now. Note to Microsoft: you need to make the language page easier to discover.

The IE9 Hindi interface has been implemented in all menus, address bar, favorites-history columns and Options dialog boxes. The translations at times slightly purist in nature, and not colloquial, recognizable Hindi, but that’s a challenge that many publications face.

We wonder if translating key terms could affect usability. For example Favorites, which is the IE term for Bookmarks has been translated to Pasand. All in all we look forward to Microsoft releasing Windows LIPs and IE versions in other Indian languages as well, since Hindi, although spoken by a large section of people, is just one of them.

How about releasing a mobile Indic language browser?