Our next installment in the Indian Telecom series at MediaNama Charts gives you a comprehensive overview of quarterly performance of telecom operators over the last two years. This follows previous visualizations, looking into Active Connections for Jan 2011, and Individual Telco Performance and Circle-wise Telco performance for the quarter ended December 2010. This data is sourced from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, which itself sources data from telecom operators and industry associations.

Take a look at the charts and do tell us – who are the laggards, who are the superstars, and why.

Disclaimer: The map visualized above and in our interactive visualization at MediaNama Charts, depicting the external boundaries of India, would be deemed “neither correct nor authentic” by the Indian Authorities (read a related note in The Economist). MediaNama does not endorse the depiction of India’s international boundaries in these maps. Our visualization uses Tableau Software, which in turn uses Open Street Map, and as such we have no control over depiction of maps, only over representation of data.

Update: We’re not sure of whether it would be illegal or not to publish such a map in India, so we’re removing map based representation, sticking to visuals depicting data trends without maps.

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