Cartoon Network’s latest survey on Indian kids suggests that the media consumption of TV, expectedly, supercedes that of all other media, and that TV viewing has been relatively stable, and anything, growing slightly. The Nielsen study included interviews with 3759 Indian kids aged between 7 and 14, and 1121 parents of kids aged 4 to 6 years old. It covered SEC A (30%), B (34%) and C (36%) households, across 19 cities in India – although Mumbai and Delhi accounting for a majority. TV, the study suggests, is a daily medium for kids, but there are changes on the digital media consumption front:

– Internet access at home among those surveyed is a meagre 8%, though 22% homes have a computer. Color TV access is 95%, 94% are single TV households, and 92% have a mobile TV in the house.
– Internet access varies across socio-economic categories:
14% of SEC A households surveyed have Internet access, and 39% of them have a computer.
– Mumbai tops the list for both, with 29% of households surveyed having a computer, 14% with Internet access
– Kids have greater access to computers and communications now: access to computers has grown from 6% 10 years ago and 10% five years ago to 22%. Mobile phone access has grown from 17% 10 years ago, to 59% five years ago, to 95% now. Internet availability has expectedly lagged behind: growing from 2% 10 years go to 3% five years ago, to 8% now.

– Of the kids with computers in the home, 85% have desktops, 12% have laptops, and 3% have both.
– Internet usage increases with increase in age: 18% of kids with computers in their home are Internet users. With age, Internet usage increases – from 15% for the 3-8 age group, 27% in the 9-10 age group, 39% in the 11-12 age group to 51% in the 13-14 age group.

Media Consumption
– All the kids surveyed had at least once watched TV, while only 18% had ever surfed the Internet. 95% of kids surveyed had watched TV the day before the interview. 25% of the 18% who had ever surfed the Internet had done so the previous day, 31% in the past week, and 19% in the previous two weeks
– 46% of the Internet users among the kids access it at home, 29% at school, 18% in a cybercafe, and 7% in a friend or relatives home.
– 64% of this base of Internet users logs on multiple times a week – 22% log in daily, 9% of them log on 5-6 times a week, 33% logs in 2-4 times a week, while 29% logs in once a week.

Social Networking Sites
– 20% of the kids surveyed who use the Internet, visit social networking sites
– Facebook is the most popular social network among these kids at 93%, followed by Orkut (50%), then (and this is bizarre) Google Buzz (23%), Twitter (21%) and finally, Ibibo (10%).

– 60% of the kids play games: 65% of the boys play games, while 53% of the girls played.
– Among the kids who play video games, 50% play on mobile phones, 35% on a console, 28% on a hand held game, and 26% on a computer.

Mobile Usage
– 79% of the kids are mobile phone users.
– 9% have their own mobile phone (2% in the 4-6 year age group, 6% in the 7-10 year age group, 13% in the 11-14 year age group)
– Top activities on the mobile phone: 87% play games, 84% for making calls, 48% listen to music, 29% use it for SMS, 22% for taking photographs
– 61% of the parents feel that kids should have their own mobile phone only by the age of 18

Note: Please keep in mind that Nielsen had conducted a survey, and this is by no means a census. The drilled down information is a fraction of a fraction: for example, Internet consumption patterns are based on the 8% of those surveyed who have Internet access. Treat this information as being indicative of market trends, but keep in mind that the true picture might be significantly different.