Launched 3G services in Chennai, telecom operator Aircel is offering free 3G usage to its customers till 27th February 2011; the limits: upto 250MB, and 50 minutes of free video calls; this is a move that we like and endorse, because it will enable swifter switchover for consumers from a 2G environment to a 3G one. Do read: How Telecom Operators In India Should Approach 3G

After the trial period, Aircel will charge 3 paise per 10KB for data and Rs. 0.05 per second for video calls, which is relatively cheaper compared to Reliance, Tata DoCOMO and particularly Airtel, which is charging Rs. 0.3 per 20 kb, which amounts to Rs. 15.36 per mb. Aircel has also announced bundled usage based monthly data plans, that include voice, SMS and data and a data-only plan.

Aircel, on 3G has also launched “Pocket Videos”, with videos priced at Rs. 6 per minute from a 3G enabled phone by dialing the short-code 56666, and on its new 3G WAP portal Pocket Internet, video streams at Rs 0.50 per video and video downloads at Rs 10 per video. The same costs apply to music streams and downloads as well, though data charges are separate.

Bundled Plans:

Rs 132 – 75MB
Rs 252 – 150 MB
Rs 502 – 350 MB
Rs 802 – 1 GB

Data Plan: Ra 92 for 100 MB

Aircel has not yet announced the launch plan for its other circles. In November 2010, Aircel had launched 3G Zones in Chennai to demo 3G based services to users.

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