Lifeblob, a Bangalore based social photo service funded by SeedFund, has been aquired by Printo, another Bangalore based SeedFund (and Sequoia Capital) funded company, which is in the photo printing business. According to a blog post by the company, the Lifeblob photo sharing service will be discontinued, post the transitioning of its merchandising store to Printo. Users will be sent an email on how to get their photos back, but it’s hard to imagine what exactly Printo gets out of this acquisition, if the photo sharing service is being shut. Can’t Lifeblob be to Printo what Snapfish is to HP?

Lifeblob, allows users to put together a time-line via photos and blog posts. Incubator, a now defunct startup blog from Mint, had reported that following Proto in 2008, where Lifeblob had demo’ed, SeedFund had invested $1 million in the company. At that time, Lifeblob was going to focus on the US market, but I’d said when we’d first written about Lifeblob – I wasn’t very convinced about its viability and use-case. Timelines are a feature, at best.

In 2010, Lifeblob says they began looking at merchandising as a source of revenue, with around 5 million photographs hosted with them. Printo is apparently looking to establish its retail outlets beyond Bangalore, but it beats us what they’ve gained from acquiring Lifeblob, apart from, perhaps, the Lifeblob team. More when we have more.

Lifeblob Receives $1 Million In Funding; Monetization? Growth In Userbase Critical