Digital Music distributor Hungama has tied up with Sify Technologies, retail “Music coupons” at Sify cyber cafes. Buying coupons, priced at Rs. 99, Rs 49. and Rs. 10, allows users to purchase legitimate music from, at Sify cyber cafes. Strangely enough, each coupon allows only a one time purchase of music, and its validity ends on consumption. A user buys a coupon, is given a password to log in, and downloads music, wallpapers and other entertainment content. What is interesting is that Hungama, is once again looking at their site as a means of retailing content, instead of sticking to the subscription model that they launched with. I guess getting month on month payments and renewals is trickier than retail.

Hungama is likely to partner with other cybercafe chains and broadband service providers, but the opportunity of partnering with Sify lies in becoming a part of their Sify MyLife cloud based services, which allow cybercafes to become digital hubs for services, allowing them to provide ticketing, mobile recharge, online tests, bill payments, gaming etc. The more the services on the platform, the better for Sify, and for the service providers.

In other news, Hungama and Nokia, last week offered free downloads of Windows DRM jailed protected music in a 90 second format: free to consumers, but Nokia tells us that their standard agreements with labels will cover the same. The strange thing is that Nokia claims that people prefer the 90 second format. We don’t believe that.

P.s.: if you’re a content owner, do feel free to send us a copy of your agreement with Nokia, at nikhil medianama dot com

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