Yahoo India appears to have launched OMG!, it’s celebrity gossip site, in India over the last few days. The site still hasn’t been linked to from the Yahoo India homepage, but the domain now showcases Indian content, with content from wires, including Reuters, Associated Press. When we’d checked on Friday, the domain used to redirect to OMG for Indonesia, which was launched in May this year. The rollout of Yahoo OMG India is probably a part of a staggered global rollout of the property.

The site also features photo galleries, celebrity specific profile pages and news, and news updates also segmented as movie and music news. blogs from Piyali Dasgupta and Kunal Guha; content which was uploaded first from September 21st onwards.

Yahoo should emulate 58888 Follow from Indiatimes, to allow its users follow celebrity updates on SMS; could be a source of SMS subscription revenue for the company. Also, I don’t quite get why Indiatimes hasn’t launched a similar site yet: they have the information, and it would would help generate subscriptions for their 58888 follow service.

Indiatimes Gets Starry Eyed With 58888 Follow