Info Edge (Naukri) has reported a net profit of Rs. 17.89 crore for the quarter ended September 30th 2010 (Q2-11), up 21.39% when compared with the same period last year. Thus, the signs of recovery continue: the company had reported a year on year increase in net profit of 30% last quarter. The increase in profit is on the back of a 29% increase in net sales, and a 21.2% decline in ‘Other Income’ for the company. Earnings Per Share were up 21.48% to Rs. 3.28 per share, from Rs. 2.70 per share for Q2-10, but down quarter on quarter from Rs. 6.33 for Q1-11.

Details (Q2-11): Financials | Press Release | DataSheet
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What’s worth noting, is that at Rs. 27.05 crore, employee cost for Info Edge has increased by 29.16% year on year, from Rs. 20.94. The company also spent more money in advertising during the quarter: compared to Rs. 7.72 crore last quarter, Info Edge spent Rs. 11.17 crore on advertising and promotions in Q2-11.

During the quarter, Info Edge invested in online restaurant listings company All in all, Info Edge has invested Rs. 31.61 Crore on strategic alliances and acquisitions. Vertical specific results:

Recruitment Solutions (includes, Naukri Gulf, Job Seeker Services, FirstNaukri, Quadrangle):

– Net Sales: Rs. 59 Crore, up from Rs. 54.8 crore
– Operating EBITDA: 2.73 crore, up from Rs. 2.3 crore

– Share of revenues: 26% IT/ITES, 5% BFSI, 20% Infrastructure
– Resumes: 23 million, up from 22 million last quarter
– Average resumes added daily: 13000, flat from last quarter
– Average  resumes modified daily: 75000, up from 70000 last quarter
– Number of unique customers: 21100 , up marginally from 20900 last quarter

Other verticals (Jeevansathi, 99Acres, AllcheckDeals)

– Net Sales: 12.2 crore, up from Rs. 11.1 crore
– Operating EBITDA: loss of Rs. 5.9 crore, up from Rs. 2.5 crore
– Quarterly performance Info for Quarter ending September 30th 2010

– Number of profiles ever loaded: 3.9 million
– Average number of profiles acquired daily: 1860, up from 1646 last quarter
– Number of unique paid customers: 23660, up from 22674 last quarter
– Average amount realized in Rupees: Rs. 2309, up from Rs. 2252

– Number of listings (approx): 177,000 as compared to 160,000
– Number of Paid transactions: 4900, compared to 5100 last quarter

Brijj: 3.6 million profiles, compared with 3.3 million last quarter. 3210 profiles added daily.

(Updates: Added QoQ data to earnings chart; Included Quarterly performance info)

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