StratosHear, which was earlier focusing on providing audio advertising on mobile caller ringback tones, has now become the seventh company to launch a mobile advertising network in India, after InMobi, Admob, ZestAds, Mobisolv, Navteq Media Solutions and most recently, NetworkPlay. (Also see: advertising networks in India). A competitor in the Ringback Tone advertising, OnMobile Global, said on its earnings conference call a couple of quarters ago that the segment is slow to take off because there’s reticence from telecom operators to launch ads on ringback tones.

MobiAdz is pitching self-learning proprietary algorithms that do behavioral assessment of users, capturing user profiles, overriding the issues and limitations so far faced because of (dynamic) IP Address in case of Mobile browsing. The pitch that has to be made, though, is to advertisers.

StratosHear CEO Vinay Kumar told MediaNama that they believe that the mobile advertising market in India is currently over Rs. 100 crores in size, and in the next 3-4 years, will be over Rs. 500 crores. “It’s relatively small (compared with Online advertising) but growing significantly,” he said, adding that CPC rates in India are Rs. 2-7 on the mobile. Kumar claimed that Click-Through Rates (CTR’s) are higher on the mobile than the Internet (ED: we thought it was the opposite). StratosHear expects to command a premium because of its targeting, and also plans to tie up with premium publishers.

The company, in a statement, claimed to be serving “tens of millions of ad impressions per month across 200 countries”, and that over 100 publishers have signed up. Kumar declined to share names of advertisers, except Indiagames, but said that they’re closing a deal with Sony soon. Kumar also declined to share the size of StratosHear’s sales team, but said that they have a decent sized team in Delhi and Mumbai, and will grow the team as the business grows. MobiAdz also has a self-serve platform for international advertisers.

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