Group messaging company SMS GupShup has entered into a partnership with Globe Telecom, one of Philippines’ leading telecommunication companies, to launch the SMS Reply-All Chat service in the country.

Globe is among the leading telecom operators in the Philippines, but has been struggling to retain mobile customers (down 2% YoY for the first half of 2010; download pdf) and sustain revenues (down 9% YoY), competing with Smart Communications and Sun Cellular. The press release quotes a Portio Research which suggests that on an average, a Filipino user sends as many as 788 text messages per month.

A Reply-All service – rather, the creation of a group – might help reduce the pain of having to individually text multiple users: the “SMS Reply-All” service, which was first launched with Loop in Mumbai, India, allows users to create groups and message a group of people at once, and allows them to respond to the group. Details of how it works here.

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