Tata Teleservices has announced the launch of Kirusa’s ‘Call-n-Tweet’ service for all TTSL and TTML subscribers, which enables subscribers to update their Twitter status by posting Voice Tweets (short audio snippets) from their mobile without logging on the internet, paying a price of Re 0.80 (approximately 0.02 USD).  Subscribers can sign up for the service at callntweet.com by using their Twitter account details, they just need to dial 50007 and send a voice tweet, in any language, to update their status on Twitter. Users need to register their mobile number for the account.

The idea of paying Re 0.80 every time you update your status on twitter sounds rather futile to me; Kirusa currently only provides posting audio status messages.

In November 2008, Vodafone had launched its Voice SMS service in 16 circles with Kirusa. They had priced the service at Rs. 0.75 per minute, and was available to both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. At the same time Airtel had also been promoting its Voice SMS service, powered by Bubble Motion. [Read More]


Another voice application on Twitter that comes to mind is Phweet, which shut down a few days ago, according to its blog, stating that the day when using Twitter oAuth is mandatory is near, and in Phweet’s current form, it isn’t worth upgrading the coding.

Stuart Henshall and David Beckemeyer had launched Phweet in July 2008, as a way to make twitter talk. It basically made conversations and conference calls possible between Twitter friends and across other social networks. After signing in with your Twitter name and password you could select how the call will be carried, either via browser, SIP ID or number/Mobile Phone. You then plug in the Twitter username of the person you want to call. The system generates a “Phweet” which is a unique shortURL. The “PhweetUrl” calls you and you can share who you are talking to without having to reveal or exchange phone numbers or other identities. Once the conversation ends, the unique URL expires and the session message board disappears. [Crunch Base]