Qualcomm has launched Qualcomm Services Labs, a fully owned subsidiary set up to incubate new ideas, technologies and service models that will – no surprises here – drive the adoption of Qualcomm’s technologies. The areas of focus for QSL:

– communication: new ways of keeping users connected
– information/entertainment: deliver meaningful and captivating content
– discovery: personalized and contextual recommendations
– life automation: use digital information to simplify daily activity
– digital to physical: relevant digital information to enhance one’s mobile interactions.

Qualcomm says that products incubated at QSL will either be transferred to a new or existing Qualcomm division, established as a separate business entity. They’ve recently launched their first four services:

– Neer, which allows users to privately and automatically share their location with their closest friends and family, defining preferred locations. It’s available on for the Android Market, and coming soon to Brew MP and Apple’s App Store.

– Qilroy, which allows location based conversations anywhere in the world, based on a concept Qualcomm is calling peer-to-place communication. Qilroy allows users can to find people around them or at any interesting place in the world and then chat, post questions, share thoughts, reply to people or just get the vibe of an area. It’s available for Apple’s App Store, and will be launched for the Brew MP and Android Market.

– Tapioca, that allows content providers to share multimedia across device types using “an intelligent URL shortening” method. Apparently, according to Qalcomm, it’s geared for viral multimedia distribution across social networks.

Vive, allows users to share recommendations, ratings, purchases and other activities with friends and other users in the Vive community. It’s a free social recommendation service, which rewards active and influential users, available on Facebook, and will be launched for Brew MP and Apple’s App Store.

Qualcomm also runs Qualcomm Ventures, which invests in mobile companies. In India, Qualcomm Ventures has invested in MapMyIndia, and Apalya Technologies. Qualcomm has also tied up with Tulip Telecom and Global Holdings to roll out Broadband Wireless services in India. Qualcomm won spectrum in Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and Punjab for Rs. 4912.54 Crore.

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