While the number of unique users accessing the mobile Internet in India via the Opera Mini browser from Opera Software has grown by as much as 354.6% since July 2009, according to Opera’s State Of The Mobile Web* report, only 4% of users in India surveyed are female. Opera conducted a multi-country survey of 300,000 Opera Mini users across 15 countries, but has not disclosed how many they surveyed in India.

Opera has reported a 371.7% increase in page-view growth for India since July 2009. In India, it is on board with Tata Indicom and Vodafone, and recently, a global deal with Telenor was announced. Telenor owns a majority stake in India’s new telecom operator Uninor, which had 6.87 million connections at the end of July 2010. Do keep in mind that Opera has not disclosed the total number of unique Mobile Internet users using its browsers, though it does have access to such information.

According to Opera, a majority of the Mobile Internet users they surveyed in India are in the 18-27 age group, and 15% of users below the age of 18. The top 10 sites for India has remained more or less the same over the past few months, as have the top handsets (all of whom are Nokia).

The number of pageviews served per user during the month in India were 393, down from 398 per user last month, and the data consumed per user also declined to 7mb per user, compared with 8 last month. I guess this may be the impact of the Fifa World Cup, held between 11th May 2010 and 11th June 2010.

Download Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report here.

Note: Please keep in mind that, despite being called ‘State of the Mobile Web’, it is likely that it is not. The data is indicative of data consumption on the Opera Software browsers on the mobile, and not other modes of access, of which applications and default handset browsers are a key component.