Stuart Crighton, CEO of online travel agent Cleartrip and Amit Taneja, former CEO of Desiya were arrested yesterday in Gurgaon, and released immediately on bail, Cleartrip has disclosed on its blog.

The issue is around a police complaint filed on 11th December 2009 by Travelocity, accusing Taneja and Cleartrip of data theft, stealing intellectual property, trade secrets, sensitive data, proprietary technology source codes, their entire hotel business model and projections, including an excel file named ‘Hotels Growth Model.xls’.

Travelguru, which owned Desiya, had been acquired by Travelocity in August 2009, and Taneja’s services were terminated on September 19th 2009. Cleartrip COO P.K.X. Thomas has told the Hindustan Times that Travelocity had subsequently tried to prevent Taneja from joining Cleartrip, and filing an FIR was towards that end. Travelocity had estimated a 15 percent loss in market share – around Rs 20 crore, over the year following the leak.

Travelocity Accuses Cleartrip CEO & Former Desiya MD of Data Theft