Mobile Monday Delhi 10I’m moderating a panel at Mobile Monday Delhi tomorrow, focused on exploring how developers, service providers and handset OEM’s are working together to build an applications ecosystem. We have panelists from the handset space, as well as a representative of an entity looking to fund applications and services:

– Rohit Arora, Product Head (Device & Services) Lemon Mobile
– Amit Gujral, Head (Partnership and Content), LG Electronics
– Annie Mathews, Head of Alliances, Research In Motion India
– Sunil Rao, Head, Forum Nokia India
– Vijay Shekhar Sharma, MD, One97 Communications
– Karthik Srinivasan, Manager (Dev Relations) SamSung

Mobile Mondays are meant to be interactive, so we’re looking for as many questions as you can throw at us. Do leave questions in comments here. We’ll put up notes from the discussion next week, with questions attributed to you (so leave an ID) and the corresponding answers.

Some things that I’d like to get more info on:
– What type of applications are currently being made in India for the global market, and in India for the Indian market?
– What kind of consumer trends have the handset manufacturers observed in India, that application developers can look to cater to?
– Any particular trend or development in the Indian space that has been surprising?
– What should be expect, from a developer standpoint, from broadband wireless access (if at all) and 3G?
– What’s bringing in the money for application developers in India?
– Implications of the growth and dominance of android
– What issues have developers typically faced while launching applications, and what they should be careful of? What misconceptions do they typically have?
– Implications of multiple platforms/OS’ for development?

This is just of the top of my head; we’ll just take it from there and get more granular with the discussion, and hopefully most questions coming in from the audience. Do join us for the event (not just the panel), and if you have any questions, do share with us in the comments, or message questions to me at +919810310053