Updated below:
123greetings.com, the Intrasoft Technologies owned online greetings business has revamped its website to give it a far more contemporary look: the before and after comparison in 123greetings’ case is quite stark: the previous version was quite cluttered, while the current version is cleaner, and easier to navigate. The new design has an expandable banner 728×90 banner and a 300×250 banner in the first scroll, and – surprise surprise – nothing below.

123Greetings also claims in its release that 6.8 million e-cards are sent every month from its website, and it clocked 82.3 million e-cards in 2009. As I’ve said before, I expect users to increasingly switch to social networks for sending cards or invitations. 123Greetings’ business depends largely on its substantial pageviews.

What 123Greetings Can Do With Their Cards Business

– Social Network Integration: A new, cleaner website design is a step in the right direction, but there has to be more up its sleeve for 123greetings to remain relevant: perhaps an integration with Facebook, Orkut and other networks would help, allowing cards to be sent from within the social networks, and then serving advertisements primarily to those receiving the cards. Sure, it will deliver only half the page-views that a card sent from its website might, but I don’t think they have much choice, apart from actually being on the platform.
Update: scratch that. As Jeanne-Elise M. Heydecker points out in the comments, 123Greetings integrated with social networks a couple of years ago. Their facebook integration here.

– Mobile friendly greetings: Another option would be to allow users to send greetings formatted for the mobile as a WAP link to recipients: 123Greetings could look to sell mobile-friendly advertisements directly to its advertisers, or even look to tie up with mobile advertising networks in the US and/or India. Cards could also be formatted, based on whether they are being accessed from the web or smartphones, especially in case of flash-unfriendly phones.

– Mobile App For Card Creation: Again, this is primarily based on the fact that 123Greetings’ primarily user base is in the US

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