Zapak, the gaming business from Reliance BIG Entertainment, has launched games within Facebook. Users can log in to their Facebook account, and add the Zapak application. The site went live only a few days ago, and at present, only 33 games from Zapak’s large portfolio of fames have been launched. These are all casual games, and allow users  to view which of their friends on facebook have recently played games, challenges and trophies.

What’s notable about Zapak’s Facebook application is that it allows users to select games and challenge their friends (including those who haven’t installed the Zapak application) to it, thus allowing knowledge of Zapak’s games to spread from user to user.  This is the way most Facebook applications propagate, and will help them bring more and more users into the fold.

Zapak has focused primarily on casual games, also launching multiplayer games like Crazy Kart (which somehow I’m unable to log into now), Runescape and Wanted. Nothing yet that may still be called a massively multiplayer online game, of the World of Warcraft type, with thousands and thousands of players playing their own games, with or against each other in a virtual world environment. We also haven’t seen Zapak experiment with Social Games, which have become a rage – they’re viral, monetizable with virtual currency and have seen scale. Perhaps that is next for Zapak. but what appears to be making money for Zapak, is its offline events.

Update: Ekalavya from Zapak suggests in the comments below that Zapak has tried to combine casual gaming and social gaming – the trophy cabinet becomes a users vanity quotient, and medals for challenges against friends also go in the cabinet. Zapak plans to allow users to customize the look and feel of the trophy cabinet as well.

P.s.: strange thing – just noticed that BIG Adda, Zapak’s sister concern, has a finance section. First social network in the world to have a dedicated capital markets section?

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