No change in the rate at which the price for BWA spectrum is increasing during India’s Broadband Wireless Auction: the price for Delhi and Mumbai continued to increase at Rs. 20 crore per round during the 8 rounds on Day 7, to close up 15.8% and Rs. 160 crore for the day at Rs. 1172.96 crore. Attention appears to have shifted from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, as price for that circle went up Rs. 141.36 (14.99%) during the day to close at Rs. 1084 crore. View yesterday’s results here

At the end of 52 rounds, the price of pan-India BWA spectrum rose Rs. 721.42 cr (up 9.99%), to close at Rs. 7943.06 crore, as much as Rs. 6193 cr (and 353.89%) higher than its base price. As things currently stand, the Indian government will receive Rs. 23829.18 crore from the sale of BWA spectrum, of which Rs. 15886.12 will be raised from private telecom operators.

Activity levels still remain at 80%, and readers may recall that in case of the 3G auction, it took 18 days and 104 rounds for activity levels to be raised to 90%, and 21 days and 122 rounds for it to be increased to 100%. The 3G auction continued till 34 days and 183 rounds. We don’t expect the BWA auction to last that: thats because the bids are currently concentrated around a few circles, and many circles aren’t reporting an increase in price.

Price of 10 circles increased a maximum of 1% during the day.

– Demand for Delhi and Mumbai was in excess by 2 bids, with 4 bids each. Their price went up by 15.8% up Rs. 160 crore
– Tamil Nadu received 3 bids, in excess by 1 bid, up 14.99% and Rs. 141.36 crore
– Karnataka witnessed deficient demand at 1 bid for 2 slots, up to Rs. 947.92 crore

– Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (West) reported par demand
– After days of increase, price for BWA spectrum in Kolkata stagnated


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