Maestros Mediline Systems has announced the launch of the eUNO R10 Blackberry application on Vodafone’s network. The eUNO R10 (pdf) is a portable electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor with wearable wrist electrodes which is able to share monitoring reports via wireline or GSM mobile networks. Maestros Medlinie, which designs Diagnostic and Patient Monitoring Devices, has also launched a Blackberry application.

The eUNO will send the relevant information to the medial records server, which then automatically ‘pushes’ the ECG report to a doctor’s BlackBerry smartphone over the mobile network; this will allow cardiologists to have remote access in real time to patients’ ECG and heart performance reports, and respond quickly with a diagnosis.

Doctors can also use the eUNO R10 application on their BlackBerry smartphones to retrieve patient information wherever and whenever they are. The solution has been launched with Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, for Vodafone Blackberry services . The eUNO can thus be carried by paramedics, and be used to provide the ECG report immediately to doctors.

Begs the question, though: why only Vodafone, and why only Blackberry?

Another connected device: the Nano Ganesh.