Price for Delhi and Mumbai continued to rise at the rate of Rs. 200 crore/day, as the cost of Broadband Wireless Access spectrum in the two cities crossed surged ahead to Rs. 1012.96 Cr. Price for Karnataka, which until now had been equal to Delhi and Mumbai, flagged a little to close at Rs. 910.95 cr, while Tamil Nadu shot beyond at Rs. 943 crore.

At the end of 44 rounds, the price of pan-India BWA spectrum rose Rs. 948 cr (up 15.12%), to close at Rs. 7221.64 Cr, Rs. 5471.64 (and 312.67%) higher than its base price. It took 12 days for the pan-India price for 3G spectrum to cross Rs. 7221 Cr. The rate of increase in pan-India price for BWA spectrum is now slowing down – it was above 30% for the first 3 days, then 25.37%, and 19.6% on the previous day. The government will receive Rs. 21664.92 crore from the BWA auction, as things stand today, with Rs. 14443.28 from private telecom operators.

Price of 8 circles increased a maximum of 1% during the day.

– Demand for Delhi and Mumbai was in excess by 6 bids, with 8 bids each; Tamil Nad received 5 bids, in excess by 3 bids, while Karnataka witnessed par-demand at 2 bids for 2 slots.
– Price for Tamil Nadu went up 26.91%, the most in percentage terms, up Rs. 200 crore.

– Price for Maharashtra increased by 10.46%, 73.94 crore, and is priced at Rs. 780.97 crore. Two bids, no excess demand
– Andhra Pradesh is priced at Rs. 747.82 cr, up 10.45% (Rs. 70.78 cr) for the second day in a row. The circle received two bids, and par-demand.

– Uttar Pradesh (W) was the only other circle to recieve excess demand, to close at Rs. 134.08 crore
– Surprisingly, price for Gujarat has remained the same for the last four days of bidding, at Rs. 444.7 cr. Gujarat once gain showed deficient demand.

– Kolkata went up 12.85% (48.36 Cr) to close at Rs. 424.64 cr. It had deficient demand in round 44, at 1 bid for 2 slots

Remember that activity levels are still at 80%, so the price will increase once activity levels are pushed up.


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