The average price increase per round on Day 14 of India’s Broadband Wireless Access Auction went up for the third day in a row to Rs. 92.43 crore per round, higher than the Rs. 86.58 crore per round reported on the previous day. At the end of the 8 rounds held on the day, the pan-India spectrum price was Rs. 12257.30 crore, up 6.42% from day 13.

The pan-India spectrum price is now 7 times the base price of Rs. 1750 crore, around Rs. 10507.30 crore higher. The average price increase per round, over the 110 rounds so far, is Rs. 95.52 crore. The Indian government stands to make at least Rs. 36771.90 crore from the BWA auction – Rs. 24,514.60 crore from the private telecom operators, Rs. 8003.33 crore from BSNL, and Rs. 4253.97 crore from MTNL.

So the price for BWA spectrum in Delhi and Mumbai is now higher than the Rs. 4000 crore MTNL was looking to raise to pay for it.


– Excess demand was reported for Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh. Surprisingly, the circles of Maharashtra and Gujarat continued to report deficient demand; a scenario quite different from 3G.
– Delhi & Mumbai together account for 34.71% of the total bid price
– Price of Delhi went up Rs. 158.84 crore to Rs. 2101.02 crore, while Mumbai went up Rs. 158.84 crore to Rs. 2152.95 crore.

– Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh account for 71.07%% of the total bid price
– Maximum demand was reported for Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala – 3 bids each, in excess by 1 bid since there are 2 slots available.
– In percentage terms, the price of spectrum in the Bihar and Orissa circles went up by around 14% each.

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