With activity level pushed up to 100%, the average price increase per round on the 10 rounds of bidding held on Day 12 of India’s Broadband Wireless Access Auction went up to Rs. 81.47 crore per round, up significantly from the Rs.60-70 crore per round over the last four days.

At the end of Day 12, the pan-India spectrum price was Rs. 10,652.08 crore, up 8.28% from day 11. This means that the Indian government will now make at least Rs. 31,956.24 from the BWA auction – Rs. 21,304.16 crore from the private telecom operators, and Rs. 7089.49 crore from BSNL, and Rs. 3562.59 crore from MTNL.

What’s interesting about the day 12 was that with activity level pushed up to 100%, bids were spread widely across circles:

– Surprisingly, the price of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh (West) remained the same. Price of Andhra Pradesh went up by only 1%.
– Price of several circles – Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, North East, Jammu & Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh increased over 10%

– Price of Uttar Pradesh (East) increased by 24.92%, Bihar by 150.2%
– Delhi and Mumbai account for 33.45% of the Total BWA price
– Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu account for 69.16% of the Pan-India BWA bid price. All four circles reported demand in excess by 1.
– Bihar reported demand in excess by 3, with a total of 5 bids. Assam reported 4 bids.